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Grigor ll is a ficticious character involved in the Russian Campaign. he appears during the second mission as Grigor's personal bodyguard and later on becomes his successor. Grigor ll succeeds in conquering most of the world, but after it becomes clear he is harsh tyrant, ordering the massacre of everyone in Cuba, Sergei Molotov goes back in time via a time machine and destroys him when he goes back to speed up Grigor's world domination. This cyber is based of Command Unit. He's effective against tank, AT Guns, Infantry, Cyber (except Ares and Zeus). Grigor II are useful in battlefield due to long range ,superior attack, large armor, large hitpoints , it is has the abilty to self heal and faster rate of fire than other guided missile cyber. However, it suffers from slow mobility speed made them useless especially they want to do mobile assault.

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